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The Rowbarge Henley website is intended to give you information about our pub and an option to contact us via a contact form with any queries. We do not collect your information for marketing purposes. and will not pass on any of your information unless you explicitly request us to do so.

There is a contact form where you can leave your name, email address, phone number and message. We collect these for the sole purpose of responding to your query or actioning your request if appropriate. Our website has been built using and as such the submission will be stored in a table on our account here where our in house website administrator will have access to the content of the submission. It will also send this content via email to where we will process your request and use the information submitted to get a response back to you. If you feel more comfortable not using this feature you can contact us via phone or email instead.

The Rowbarge Henley website is a static content website built in house by our website administrator. We do not create User Profiles and do not require you to create a User Profile in order to via the content on our website. We also do not have any contact with advertising companies or use any information collected from you for marketing or advertising purposes.

If you have any concerns on the data we have collected from you we can help you to understand and remove this if requested.

Please contact us at 01491 572 649 to allow us to support you.


Cookies are packets of data (small text files) that are transferred to your device when you use our website. We do not create or ask you to create user profiles so we do not use cookies to keep you signed into any personal account. What we may use cookies for is to:

 - Personalise your website experience

 - Identify who you are when you return to our website

 - Track site usage for usage analytic purposes only.

We collect essential cookies in order for the features contained on our Website to be fully functional. Managing Cookies is slightly different in each Web Browser in the browser settings there are options to switch between allowing, blocking 3rd party and blocking all cookies. Whilst this should not prevent you using our website, we suggest allowing cookies to gain the best website experience and fully utilise all website features.

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